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Real practical information, tips and tools about the topics you care the most about. Please forgive our dust... we will be officially opening soon but feel free to look around and let us know if we can help you in any way.


Want a Safe and Comfortable place to learn and share new things with other likeminded people? Us too.

With all of the emotionally charged posts and craziness out there, we just wanted a safe place to get real practical information, tips and tools about the topics we care the most about.


We, also, want to be part of a community that helps each other and provides a positive influence in our lives and all involved. Are you interested in that too?

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It's Your Day Cafe´ is like your favorite coffee shop... only brimming with an assortment of the topics you care the most about.

If you're like us, we know that most of the topics we care about fall into one of five categories. They are Health, Family, Work, Home and Leisure. We are all busy people and want to filter out as much of the negativity as possible and really connect with real world advice and tools that can help us without the agenda. Think of It's Your Day Cafe as Oprah Meets Dr. Phil with a dash of Sharper Image catalog and your favorite latte.

We want you to be able to come to the Cafe and simply soak in the positivity and enjoy the plethora of learning goodness available at your fingertips. You're among friends. Be feel to be yourself. We want to know the authentic you, what you care about and who you want to become.

Free All Day Everyday

To delight as many people as possible with the most comprehensive menu of learning goodness, we have figured out a way to offer you It's Your Day Cafe´ for FREE. That's zero, zilch, bupkis, nada and your satisfaction is always guaranteed with a smile. 

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