Top Gifts to Show Appreciation for Teachers

When it comes to showing teachers appreciation for all that they do, a personal gift is always appreciated. However, sometimes what they really want is the proper tools to help them in the classroom.

Teachers spent an average of $745 on supplies during the 2019-2020 school year, according to an survey, much of which was out of their own pockets.

Nearly half of all teachers said their spending has increased since distance learning began.

So, if you are thinking about giving gifts to the teachers in your life, skip the apple and consider these useful items instead:
  1. With a built-in learning system and a portable frame, Casio keyboards are a good choice for music educators. Some models even have lighting key systems, making it easy for teachers to demonstrate proper finger placement while practicing social distancing.
  2. From hand sanitizer to disinfecting wipes, some of the essentials needed for keeping a classroom hygienic are in short supply these days. These basics may not be glamorous, but they will help keep teachers and their students happy and healthy.
  3. The latest models of projectors offer features that far exceed their predecessors of even just a few years ago and are an invaluable tool for those teaching on site this year. In some cases, it only takes one click to enable teachers and students to delve right into the material. With Casio classroom projectors, wireless features allow educators to efficiently project their own display or select a student’s device to facilitate safe and socially distanced moderation and discussion.
  4. These days, a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones with a high-quality microphone can help ensure that a teacher’s words are heard loud and clear and that nothing distracts them while conducting class over video chat.
  5. Math teachers can gift themselves new tools by simply visiting Casio Cares at, a site providing free support, software and math lessons for K through 12, along with a free web- based calculation tool that includes graphing, geometry and statistics functionality.

Teachers are working harder than ever to provide high-quality education to students, and brand new challenges are cropping up every day. Consider finding ways to show your appreciation for their efforts which can actually help them do their job.

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