4 Essential Supplies Every Caring Pet Owner Should Know About

To enjoy your pet thoroughly and still keep your home smelling fresh, you will want to spend a bit of time carefully looking for the best supplies to keep on hand. However, the best supplies does not necessarily mean spending a significant amount of money. With some careful shopping, you will have the supplies necessary for a very small amount of cash.

Your first step should be to purchase a small blacklight. A blacklight causes the phosphorous and proteins in urine to glow and even makes it easy to spot old stains. You will want to look for something battery operated and small enough to fit into your hand so that you can easily move around your house. Keep a spare blacklight bulb on-hand in case the first one breaks for any reason.

Next, look for a good set of super absorbent clothes. These should be very thick and able to absorb large amounts of liquid. By taking the time to carefully select the right towels or clothes, you will significantly reduce the amount of time that it will take to finish cleaning up any pet odors. The thicker the cloth is and the quicker it absorbs liquids the less you will have to struggle with cleaning up the odors.

Thinner fabrics might be easier to handle but the amount of liquid that they will absorb is typically a lot less and will result is substantially more work for you later.

Now, invest in an inexpensive dish detergent to initially treat stains that are found. It is very important that you use only liquid detergent as a powder will not be as effective. However, stick to the cheaper varieties since you are only using it for an initial pretreatment rather than to fully remove the odors. Dish detergent does not have all of the necessary ingredients to cut the enzymes but you will find it is useful for stains and in helping to reduce the initial pet odor smells.

Lastly, research enzyme cutting cleaners. There is a large selection of cleaners available at pet stores as well as online. Once you have selected one, spot test an area to ensure that it will not strip the colors since you could find yourself with a bigger problem than you initially started with. Careful usage of a good enzyme cutting cleaner will allow you to properly remove stains as well as odors and decrease the possibility of pet odors returning.

Selecting the right supplies for removing pet odors is extremely easy if you take just take a few minutes on Amazon. With all of the information that is readily available, you should find that it is quite easy to get precisely what you need, while sticking to a reasonable budget.

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