Why Believe the Bible?

Because it is so improbable, unlikely and unbelievable.

Other than blind faith, the credibility of the Bible, or any historical account, will be judged on basis of evidence. In order to prove something by evidence, you must prove that it is substantially more likely to be true than not.

As a Jewish teenager, I was asked to prepare a basic comparative religions lesson for the younger children’s Sunday school class at my Temple. That is when I read the Gospels for the first time. I was amazed, “They are such Jewish books!” I went to my Rabbi’s office and asked, “Why don’t we believe in Jesus?” He responded, “Because, we don’t” pointing to the door dismissing me and my question without a second thought.

That was a defining moment for me. I eventually left the Temple but the Jesus question followed me everywhere. I accepted Messiah 25 years later. That’s another story but my decision and belief is supported by some powerful evidence.

I believe the Bible because it is so improbable, unlikely and unbelievable. 


As a publisher and author, I cannot tell you how improbable it would be for 40 authors from three different continents writing in three different languages, separated by hundreds of miles and from vastly different backgrounds, over a span of 1500 years with little or no contact between them to come up with 66 manuscripts that tell one cohesive story. This is highly improbable, unless of course, it is of God.


As a Jewish believer, I cannot tell you how unlikely it would be for a single Jewish family, let alone generations of the extended families, to allow other family members to write down the kind of unflattering stories found in the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament. The Bible is “oy vey” embarrassingly straightforward and consistent about the shortcomings of its main characters. This is highly unlikely, unless of course, it is of God.


As a student of history, I cannot tell you how unbelievable it would be for the thousands of manuscript copies spanning over hundreds of years, copied by hand in vastly separate locations, would not have revealed countless serious errors. No other ancient document even comes close to the accuracy we have in the Biblical record. This is highly unbelievable, unless of course, it is from God.

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